About me

My road to becoming a state-certified translator:      

Renate Heßler

Foreign languages – Already a passion of mine when I was a child

  • The beginning in 1994: When I was five, my family moved for three years to France near Paris. Attending a French elementary school and learning French at an early age in order to assimilate laid the cornerstone in me to learn foreign languages.
  • 1999: Back in Germany: In addition to school studies, I learned Swedish, Russian and Latvian on my own.

A fascination with Eastern Europe captivated me

  • 2005/2006: My year as an exchange student in Latvia: Attending 11th grade there had a profound effect on my thinking about foreign languages and cultures. My intensive interest in Eastern Europe increased many times over.
  • 2008: Before taking the Abitur [school-leaving exam], I devoted myself to the translation of philosophical texts from English into German.
  • I then learned about the Ukrainian culture and loved it. In Lviv, in addition to my Ukrainian language course, I expanded my horizon into, among others, the area of vegetarian nutrition.

"An ounce of practice is generally more worth than a ton of theory."

E.F. Schumacher


My calling – Translation

  • In Ukraine, I made the decision: I will make my passion – the translation of languages – into my career.  
  • In 2009-2011, I completed my education to become a state-Certified Translator of English and French at the renowned distance-learning institute called AKAD.
  • Countless translations from Russian and Ukrainian into German (specialized areas: Contractual agreements, economics, alternative healing methods, tourism and web sites) reinforced my practical knowledge.
  • In 2012, I became a State-Certified Translator of French.   
  • In 2013: I became a State-certified Translator of English.
  • In late 2013, I have translated the website of the Natural Foods Hotel Harz into English and done some translations as a volunteer in the field of renewable energy.
  • Precisely the right time for commissioning your Russian, Ukrainian, French or English translation jobs to my company.

And this in a professional, punctual and personalized manner and at a fair price.

Contact me and benefit from my available capacities


Economics and finance – More than just one part of my translator’s education

  • I also made this passion into my career: Economics and its macro-economic correlations.
  • Thus, I focused on economics and finance during my education to become a State-Certified Translator.   
  • In order to constantly enrich my wealth of knowledge, I regularly attend economics/finance continuing education courses offered by the BDÜ.
  • Books such as “Small is Beautiful” from E.F. Schumacher are among my favorite reads. I also regularly follow the economic news.


Practical experience in vegetarian nutrition

  • After I already learned much about healthy nutrition as a child, I expanded my practical knowledge about vegetarian nutrition in Ukraine.
  • There, I had the privilege of helping to organize vegetarian cooking classes and actively contributed to providing enlightenment about the value and/or the benefits of whole grains. At the same time, I translated German recipes into Ukrainian.
  • Since the spring of 2012, I have regularly taught vegetarian cooking classes at the Vegetarians’ Association of Nuremberg.
  • I have just received my certification from Rainbowway to become an Energy Food Preparer.
  • By attending trade fairs, meetings and conferences about raw foods, doing Internet research and contributing articles to a French raw food magazine, among many others, I am constantly expanding my knowledge of vegetarian/vegan nutrition/rawfood.

"It is my view that a vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effect on the human temperament would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind."

Albert Einstein


Translations, economics, finance and vegetarian nutrition: Four passions combined with four languages

All this will now come to your benefit. Take advantage of my growing specialized and practical knowledge of these four areas. For your expert translations in: 

  • French > German 
  • English > German
  • Russian > German
  • Ukrainian > German
  • German > English

Let’s now work together to expand your market advantage into new cultures.

I look forward to receiving your e-mail at: or just call +49 (0) 911 – 97 90 36 88 or my mobile at +49 (0) 176 – 73 96 37 52.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
Renate Hessler