My Road to Becoming a State-Certified Translator

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Foreign Languages – Already a Passion of Mine When I was a Child

  • The beginning in 1994: When I was five, my family moved for three years to France near Paris. Attending a French elementary school and learning French at an early age in order to assimilate laid the cornerstone in me to learn foreign languages.
  • 1999: Back in Germany: In addition to school studies, I learned Swedish, Russian and Latvian on my own.

A Fascination with Eastern Europe Captivated Me

  • 2005/2006: My year as an exchange student in Latvia: Attending 11th grade there had a profound effect on my thinking about foreign languages and cultures. My intensive interest in Eastern Europe increased many times over.
  • 2008: Before taking the Abitur [school-leaving exam], I devoted myself to the translation of philosophical texts from English into German.
  • I then learned about the Ukrainian culture and loved it. In Lviv, in addition to my Ukrainian language course, I expanded my horizon into, among others, the area of vegetarian nutrition.

"An ounce of practice is generally more worth than a ton of theory."

E.F. Schumacher


My Calling – Translation

  • In Ukraine, I made the decision: I will make my passion – the translation of languages – into my career.  
  • In 2009-2011, I completed my education to become a State-Certified Translator of English and French at the renowned distance-learning institute called AKAD.
  • Countless translations from Russian and Ukrainian into German (specialized areas: Contractual agreements, economics, alternative healing methods, tourism and web sites) reinforced my practical knowledge.
  • In 2012, I became a State-Certified Translator of French.   
  • In 2013: I became a State-certified Translator of English.
  • In late 2013, I have translated the website of the Natural Foods Hotel Harz into English and done some translations as a volunteer in the field of renewable energy.
  • Precisely the right time for commissioning your Russian, Ukrainian, French or English translation jobs to my company.

And this in a professional, punctual and personalized manner and at a fair price.

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