Your Security: Linguistic and Practical Expertise in These Three Specialized Areas

Why this combination? Even sustainable and healthy products must be marketed – for this, you also need, among other things, information about the economies of the target countries… thus, I translate the following for you:


  • Economic reports and economic forecasts, business management to macro-economics – particularly with regards to sustainable business practices
  • Stock exchange reports
  • Business contracts

I regularly attend the economics/finance and legal continuing education courses offered by the BDÜ. So that you can fully exploit your opportunities in new markets.


Natural Foods/Raw Foods

  • Specialized translations in the areas of vegetarian/vegan nutrition, whole and raw foods 
  • Descriptions of the health-promoting effects of food and nutritional practices
  • Reports about the economic and social consequences of nutrition
  • Vegetarian recipes
  • Guaranteed quality through constant practical application, continuing education and research in this area

Learn everything about my specialized education and training here.


Renewable Energy

Do you want to make your turbines available to clients who speak another language?

I translate for you texts for laymen on

  • solar power/solar-powered water pumps
  • wind power
  • water power

Thanks to the translations I have done as a volunteer to support the imployment of renewable sources of energy in Africa, I am well-prepared for this subject matter.